Apex Level and Institutional Framework
  • A Program Steering Council should be set up ideally under the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister in the State to provide overall vision, broad policy direction and guidance to the State e- Governance Program - SeGP (i.e. state specific project areas under NeGP)
  • To achieve the policy goals and objectives as determined by the Program Steering Council, a high level committee – SeGP Apex Committee is expected to be set up to provide strategy direction and oversee the State e-Governance program & ensure inter - departmental coordination. A suggested composition is as follows:
  1. Chief Secretary- Chairman
  2. Secretary (IT) / Secretary (e-Governance) or any other Secretary designated by State Government Member - Convener
  3. Secretary (Finance)- Member
  4. Secretary (Planning) -Member
  5. Secretary (Administrative Reforms) -Member
  6. Secretary (Personnel) -Member
  7. SIO (NIC, State unit)- Member
  8. Representatives of departments taking up e-Governance projects under SeGP
  9. Domain /Technical experts Members/special