All the servers would be connected to Core Switch.

The Application servers would be accessing the database from the backend in order to process the user / citizens queries/requests.

The Database servers (RDBMS) would be further hosted in higher security layer, comprising of components such as Firewall and Intrusion Prevention system.
Application and System layer at SDC would be Multi-layered and designed to adhere to the open industry standards like XML, SOAP etc.
The Manipur SDC shall provide various Infrastructure Services such as Firewall Service, Directory Service, Web Service, Database Service, mailing and data storage services etc. which would be shared among all the applications / State departments participating in the Manipur SDC. Using these services, the Manipur SDC ensures centralized delivery of citizen / departmental services.

For Securing the SDC, the Intrusion prevention systems shall carryout state-full inspection and multiple layers of Firewalls shall manage the access control. At the same time more specific content level scanning products like Anti-Spam, network anti-virus gateways should be provisioned at appropriate points to ensure content level scanning, blocking and access.

In this secure infrastructure it has to be ensured that the security devices in the network such as Firewalls, Anti-virus/Spam Filters, proxy servers, anti-virus gateways are in high-availability mode, and these components should be evenly distributed to optimize performance.

The business related services would also have a potential of having multi-channel access / integration in future, as the data returned by the components would be in XML /SOAP format. Unicode would be the technology used for dissemination of information in multi-lingual format, though the existing data is stored in font based format. Since, several outside entities will access SDC services, and hence it is important to use international standards such as the Unicode etc. implementing agency would provide monitoring access to Third Party Auditor / client / designated officer for auditing purposes.