Benefits to the Citizen
A citizen expects the following while availing the government services:
  • He is able to fill minimum data and avail the service
  • An acknowledgement giving reasonable guarantee that his application has reached the destination
  • Status tracking
  • Grievance redresses at one point
  • His data privacy is maintained
  • He has a single window service catering to multiple departments gateway sits between the portal/website and the backend departments and helps achieve the above. It is not visible to the users but silently does intelligent routing
  • Gateway will allow the Citizen to fill minimum data and fetch remaining data already available under Unique ID or with other departments
  • It is able to intelligently route the citizen request from the website / portal to the destination department and send an acknowledgement back
  • It keeps a record of each transaction in a secure manner and does not open the packet data (payload)

    Seamless availability of information - The placement of constellation of Gateway Servers at State Level will facilitate in getting information and doing transactions by citizens of one State with Government Department of other States seamlessly.