The CSC structure

The CSCs Framework outlines a 3-tier structure for the CSC Scheme:

(i) At the first (CSC) level would be the local Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE- loosely analogous to a franchisee), to service the rural consumer in a focused cluster of 5-6 villages.

(ii) At the second/middle level would be an entity termed the Service Centre Agency (SCA – loosely analogous to a franchiser) to train, manage and build the VLE businesses

(iii) At the third level would be the agency designated by the State- The State Designated Agency (SDA) - to facilitate implementation of the Scheme within the State, to provide policy, content and financial support to the SCAs
State Designated Agency (SDA) Manipur State Information Technology Society
Service Centre Agency (SCA) M/s Zoom Developers (P) Ltd