Future Plan for Implementation of SDC of Manipur


Name of Departments




Verification of job applicants in govt. departments

Verification of gun license application

Verification of passport application

Filing of FIR



Application for the issue of new ration card

Application for the addition of name in ration card

Application for the change of name in ration card

Application for the deletion of name in ration card

Application for duplicate ration card/renewal

Dealing with grievances/inquiries/complaints

Receiving application from the citizens for inclusion under different scheme like AAY, APL etc

Receiving application from the FPS/SKO sub dealers/ shops selling food grains to issue/transfer/modify licenses

Issuance of order to suspend/cancel/ kerosene license.



Filing of Appeals

Issue of Non-Encumbrance Certificates

Issue of Marriage Certificate

Issue of registration certificates to societies and Trust

Application for title deeds for registered documents



Registration for employment in the exchange

Renewal of registration

Transfer of registration

Repeat Registration

Updating of qualification, experience

Cancellation of registration

Review of live order register

Submission of application against vacancy



Application for admission to Trained teacher certification

Application for admission to HSLC Examination

Candidates Identification Certificate(Application Receipt)

Application for employment under the scheme for the Compassionate Employment of the Department of Government Servant Die- in - Harness



Submission/Processing/Issue of shop/rickshaw license

Submission/Processing/Issue of shop/rickshaw license

Submission/Processing/Approval of Municipal space booking

Submission/Processing/Approval of Building plan

Submission/Processing/Issuing of Hotel License

Collection of Taxes

Issuance of Tax receipt



Dissemination of Information

Assist issue of loan to SHGs(Under SGSY)

Selection of beneficiary for centrally sponsored scheme (SGRY,SGSY,IAY,IWDP)

Issue of Birth and Death Certificate


Commercial Taxes

Collection of CST

Collection of Professional Tax from the registered dealers, Hotels, Lodging Houses etc.

Collection of Luxury Tax

Collection of Amusement Tax


Social Welfare

Balika Smridhi Yojana (BSY) providing post delivery assistant of Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- to the girl child attending school upto 18 yrs.

Assistance to school going dependent children providing financial assistant@Rs.60/- pm per child to the school going children in the age group of 6-14 years.

Bal-Bhavan providing recreational cum educational activities to the children in the age group of 5-16 years

Providing scholarship to disabled student reading in and outside the state at a minimum of Rs.40/- pm and maximum of Rs.120/- pm

providing 3% reservation in the Govt. jobs for VI,HI & LD, revised upper age limit in Govt. jobs upto 10 yrs.

Application for Un-employment allowances and economic rehabilitation assistance to persons with disabilities

Registration for Un-employment allowances and economic rehabilitation assistance to persons with disabilities

Registration for pension under Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme

Registration for pension under National Family Benefit Scheme

Registration for pension under Manipur Old Age Pension Scheme

Grant of Aid to Day care centre for elderly, Old Age Home



Collection of hill house tax in hill areas

Land revenue collection and Village Statement (Preparation of village statement is an internal process)

Maintenance and updating of Land records including preparation of records of rights


Land Records & Settlement

Mutation of Land records



Issue of Learner Driving License

Issue Driving license

Issue of international driving licenses

Dissemination of information regarding vehicle registration, procedures, license, permits etc

Issue of driving school license

Issue of Road Permits

Issue of Fitness certificates and NOC

Registration of vehicles & Renewal of registration

Registering Grievances and Complaints



Inclusion of name in electoral roll

Deletion of name in electoral roll

Correction of particulars entered in electoral rolls

Transposition of entry in electoral roll

Application for submission of photograph for preparation of electoral photo identity card & Photo electoral rolls and Submission of photograph along with form 6,8 & 8A