National e-Governance plan (NeGP)

The Government of India (GoI) has come up with a comprehensive and holistic program - National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), to institute and enable mechanisms for Government to deliver citizen services using the benefits of Information Technology. This program provides support to the e-Governance initiatives being taken up by the Central and State Government Departments (including Local Bodies).
NeGP is an ambitious program of the Government of India aimed at improving the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of government services to citizens and businesses with the help of Information and Communication Technology.

It proposes to achieve this by:

  • Rapid deployment and scale-up of select "Mission mode Projects" (MMPs -projects with significant citizen interface)
  • Creation of a National IT backbone for fast, reliable and efficient connectivity, data storage and access
  • Common Service Centers for delivery of citizen services
  • Creation of Internet portals for 24x7 access to Government Information and Services.

          National e-Governance Plan Scheme are as follows:
  • Common Service Centre (CSC)
  • State Data Centre (SDC)
  • State Wide Area Network (SWAN)
  • State Portal & State Service Delivery Gateway (SP & SSDG)
  • National Portal of India (NPI)
  • Capacity Building (CB)
  • 27 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs)