Program Level

A State e-Governance Mission Team (SeMT) needs to be formed to support the Program Steering Council & SeGP Apex Committee and function as the secretariat and full time internal advisory body in undertaking e-Governance projects. This team would be responsible for undertaking the groundwork for providing for an overall direction, standardisation and consistency through program management of the e-Governance initiatives in the State. All Interdependencies, overlaps, conflicts, standards, overarching architecture, security, legal aspects, etc. across projects as well as core and support infrastructure shared across several projects would fall under the purview of this group. However only the SeGP Apex Committee would have the power to issue directions to any department. Given the current structure and skill-sets available, capacity building is required to form SeMT with adequate number of personnel with the requisite skill-sets. Capacity Building at State Level (SeMT) would inter alia strengthen the secretariat of the SeGP Apex Committee under the Secretary (IT) or any other secretary nominated by the state government, who may currently be supported by a skeletal staff and / or the state unit of NIC. The approach to actual capacity building is detailed out later in these guidelines. It is expected that the SeMT would typically consist of 5-10 core people initially. The actual size would depend on the scale and maturity of the e-Governance programme in the State. For states that have a suitable programme already under way, the SeMT would be significantly larger.
SeMT is expected to engage agencies on task basis, wherever feasible and appropriate, rather than undertaking tasks itself.
It is important to ensure that the SeMT does not itself undertake tasks that could have been out source to professional agencies, so that the State gets the benefit of the best advice on various issues.