Progress till Date
  1. Consultancy Services Agreement was signed between DIT, Govt of Manipur and M/s Wipro Infotech.
  2. DPR (Detailed Project Report) approved by DIT , Manipur to DIT's consideration/approval
  3. Pre Draft RFP submitted for Manipur SDC
  4. Draft RFP Volume 1 & 2 submitted after incorporating all the changes suggested by DIT, Govt of Manipur
  5. Project Implementation Committee meeting held
  6. RFP sent to DIT for approval
  7. Pre bid meeting held
  8. Corrigendum to RFP sent to DIT for approval
  9. Corrigendum and Clarification uploaded
  10. LoI issued to M/s Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd.
  11. Internal audit for IT equipments has done by Reliance.
  12. Five Application presently hosted in SDC are:
    • UO Monitoring System
    • RMSA
  13. Currently 32 Servers are running on SDC.
  14. FTS (File Tracking System), NLCPR (Non-Lapsable Central Pool of resources), VAT (Value added Tax) and SPA (Special Plan Assistance) are in testing phase for hosting.