Server and Application Set-up
Manipur SDC would be hosting various e-governance applications, information portal, Citizen centric services applications and multiple databases. In order to meet requirements of the State Government Departments, Servers, Storage, Security infrastructure, application software and network infrastructure would be required for facilitate the applications such as:
  • Portal Server: The portal server at Manipur SDC would be used for centrally hosting and managing websites of various departments, offices & PSU.
  • Web Servers: Most of the new G2C applications are having web interfaces, which require web servers for such services. The web servers would also be used for web hosting for different departments.
  • Application Server: Application would be required as middle tier for various web based applications. Application server would take care of the necessary workflow and web server would be required for the interfacing with the end user.
  • Database Server: The database/repository provides all the relevant information required to process any Citizen/Government request or to render any e-Governance services with the use of Manipur SDC. Database server would be required to store and access data with ease.
  • Directory Server (Enterprise Access Server): Using Directory services SDC administrator should be able to define centralized authentication & authorization mechanisms for users. This would enable associate policies such as security, management etc on all servers/systems from a centralized console and enhances security, reduces IT complexity and increase overall efficiency.
  • Mail Server: Using SDC, centralized mailing facilities will be available for entire State department/ offices. This eventually would increase communication and enhanced productivity for the employee and officers of state government, within and outside departments and citizens of the Manipur State, as they will be able to communicate / share information with other email users.
  • Firewall: It is proposed to have perimeter as well as internal firewall which acts as different layer of security for Manipur SDC IT infrastructure.
  • DNS Server: DNS server would be required for various website and web application hosted for public access. The internet users will query for the domains on the DNS (Public DNS) server deployed at the SDC
  • DHCP Servers: DHCP would be assisting the System administrators for dynamic IP allocation to devices/ users. Furthermore, the key users (require SDC services), who would be connecting using remote access, would be requiring a valid IP address after successful authentication. DHCP would be very beneficial to such users.
  • Management Server: The management server would help in administration of heterogeneous systems at Manipur SDC. The management server would help in efficient and reliable administration of all the computing and networking devices and enable inventory management, patch management, monitoring the availability of services, fault management, performance management
  • Intrusion Prevention System: This will help in detecting any attempts of intrusion over a network further protecting the Manipur SDC infrastructure.
  • Staging Server: A separate server will be kept as a Staging server where all the new services/ Application will be deployed for testing on this staging server before it is brought on to the production servers.
  • Server Load Balancer: The load balancer will be used for distributing workloads to a set of networked computer servers in such a manner that the computing resources are used in an optimal manner.
  • Backup Server: Backup server would be used for backing up the key data on regular interval. The backing up of the data would be an automated process. Whenever desired the backed up data can be restored/retrieved to the desired system configuration.